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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

Hurdle #3


Company Namstrops
Performance Hurdle #3
Choreographer Namstrops(Akifumi Toyofuku,Souhei Minowa,Takafumi Kodama) &
Rumiko Takahashi (University of Miyazaki Associate Professor, dance education)
Choreographer They have performed by invitation abroad in the following countries: South Korea, China, the UK, Estonia and Romania including Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2014. They were selected the finalists in the YOKOHAMA DANCE COLLECTION EX in 2008, 2011 and 2012.
Company The dance-unit “Namstrops” founded in 2006 has been active at home and abroad. The members of Namstrops come from the athlete background.
They are exploring the boundary between SPORT, ART and EDUCATION, and produce various works with a combination of them that is named as Contemporary Artistic Physical Education under the context of Diversity of Contemporary Dance.
Performance In soccer, you can't use your hands, so you have to be creative. Hurdle racing is similar, in that in order to get over the hurdles, you need to use your head and demonstrate your imaginative skills. I think this is the thing that most makes it an interesting and fulfilling sport. A fascinating aspect of hurdle races is it's surprisingly difficult to predict what's coming next, after the next hurdle.
Time 12min
Music ・Batdance(Prince)  
・Jinsei wo katarazu(TAKURO YOSHIDA)  
Cast Akifumi Toyofuku, Souhei Minowa, Takafumi Kodama
Staff Costume/ Kabashima Yuko(University of Miyazaki Faculty of Education Professor, Art education,Textile artist)
Stage design/ Akiyoshi Nita
Lighting design/ Shinichi Kudo
Photo/ ayano.SO, MisaSHIGEMATSU, Namstrops