The opening ceremony will be held on June 2, 2017 at 7 pm at the Haeundae beach special stage.




The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

1. Way to meet
2. Happiness in the dance


Company Riga Teacher training and educational management academy dance ensemble “Pērle”
Performance 1. Way to meet
2. Happiness in the dance
Choreographer Raimonds Dzintars
Choreographer In both programs included choreographers have gained recognitions in Latvia and have been prized in creativity contest. Choreographies maded by Uldis Žagata, Jānis Purviņš, Agris Daņiļēvičš, Baiba Ķestere have been danced in Latvia together in stadium about thousands of dancers in one time.
Company Dance group “Pērle” was established in October 2010. Thanks to the people who believed in us and helped us, our goal to become one of the best dance ensembles in Latvia has come true. Today the ensemble consists of a sizeable group of joyful and enthusiastic dancers, among them emerging choreographers and dance teachers.
Performance 1. In the program “Way to meet” will be danced men and women apart stories till they meet in one dance. In the program is used contemporary dance expressions with individual elements of classical dance.
2. In the program “Happiness in the dance” with scenic latvian folk dance expressions will show dancers abilities in accordance with the musical material execute dance steps elements, as well as the individual relationships between men and women.
Time 1. 12min
2. 14min
Music 1. All knots are open worthy, Who smoke that smokes, I twist a crown, Touch
2. Happy dance, Divorce a geese herd, After the joint work, The dance in oats
Cast Sintija Marija Vītola, Beatrise Konošonoka, Sanita Rolova, Silga Strazdiņa, Dagnija Silauniece, Kristaps Kovaļevskis, Juris Ruseckis, Edgars Krieviņš, Matīss Ozols un Vitālijs Zagdajs.
Staff Costume/ Sintija Marija Vītola
Stage design/ Kristaps Kovaļevskis
Lighting design/ Kristaps Kovaļevskis