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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

“Giselle’s sorrow or the flower ceremony”


Company Compagnie Karine Saporta and Busan Gugak Center
Performance “Giselle’s sorrow or the flower ceremony”
Choreographer Karine Saporta
Choreographer For almost twenty years, the work of Karine Saporta is one of the most unique in the recent history of Western contemporary dance creation. Her company has performed on the most prestigious Opera houses, National Theaters, Festivals and venues all over the world. Karine Saporta has also staged one theater plays and one operas such as for the French National Theater « Théâtre Français-Comédie Française », « Feu le Music-Hall » by Colette and the Lyon Opera « Phaéton » by Lully. In 2015, Karine Saporta created the first University Diploma on choreography, called: "Choreograph, a craft" at the University of Caen / Normandie. Part of the training takes place at La Mue.
Company The Karine Saporta Company s been regularly programmed in prestigious institutions of dance and performing arts in France and abroad. Karine Saporta created a very specific and personal relationship between dance and music.
she has regularly collaborated with contemporary orchestras and composers
Performance Giselle's Sorrow or the flower ceremony is a choreographic and musical Franco-Korean project imagined by Karine Saporta during a mission in Korea. It is based on a text she has written while she was travelling there. At that time, the choreographer imagined that the heroin of the ballet "Giselle" is carried away to the world of spirits, which is called upon by the magnificent Korean dance named Salpuri.
Time 15min
Music Giselle
Cast Aya Yasuda, Arnaud Khatcherian, Gaetan Lhirondelle, Lanoah Michelot, Chika Nakayama, Salpuri Dance_Lee doyoung, Geomungo_Park Eunha, large transverse bamboo flute_ Gu Seul, Ajaeng_Kim aeri, Janggu_Kang jeongyong, Gu eum_Jo Ara
Staff Costume/ Megumi Ebé-Carré
Stage design/ Jean Bauer
Lighting design/ Sylvie Vautrin