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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

Lune de melodie


Performance Lune de melodie
Choreographer JUNG shin hye
Choreographer Currently, member of Jung Dance Company
Artistic Director and Representative Dancer of Jung Dance Company
BA in Dance, Silla University
Completer of National Intangible Cultural Assets No.27 (Buddhist Dance) and No.97 (Salpuri (Exorcism)Dance)
Company Founded in 1997, Jung Dance Company has sought after both tradition and creativity of Korean dance. While preserving and succeeding traditions and developing traditional dance repertoire, it has also created original dance languages and sensational messages through various contemporary creative works based on the Korean dance. Since its foundation, it has produced high-quality performances in Seoul and Busan, playing a leading role in the development of the Korean dance industry; those performances were well received gaining a special attention from the media. Now, Jung Dance Company is highly recognized as a representative Korean private dance group.
Performance Ganggangsulae (a traditional Korean circle dance play), an Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 8, is like the bare skin of the "moon" and devotions and wishes of a "woman." Ganggangsulae that developed into a culture and a play is the motif of this modern-style work; it places the images of a "moon" which is filled with a wish for a safe return of her husband (Jeongeupsa, a song of Baekje) at symmetrical points. Because the moon is… the heart of a woman who always whispers her private wishes...
Time 13min
Music Composition/Performance by Yoo Tae-sun
Cast Yoon hye-seon, Park ji-hyeon, Park hyun-jin, Bae ye-in, Kim jung-min, Kim han-sol, Kim ga-ram, Hwang hye-seon, Park jeong-hyun, Gown se-yeong, Hong ji-hye, An ji-hyun, Kim min-kyung, Kim ye-jin, Kim na-hyun, Kown min-ji, Jin da-bin, Jung yeong-hyeon, Gim bo-seung, Bang seong-hyeon
Staff Lead_Choi Jee-eun