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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

Red Circle


Company K-Arts Choreography Troop
Performance Red Circle
Choreographer Yann Lheureux, nam jung hoe
Choreographer Yann Lheureux
Currently, CEO of Cie Yann Lheureux
2016. Gravity Performance
2015. The Rare Birds Performance
2012. Flag performance
1998. Diploma in Body Mind Centering (Amberst/USA)

Nam Jeong-ho
Currently, Professor of Creative Arts, School of Dance, at Korea National University of Arts
Currently, Art Director at "With Body," an improvisation dance development group
Company K-Arts Choreography Troop under the K-Arts Dance Company, established in 1997, is consisted of the faculty, students, and alumni from choreography department of the school of dance at Korea National University of Arts. It fosters creative, experimental, and contemporary through individual and group work with the role of both choreographer and dancer.
Performance 12 dancers move in a circular trajectory. A trance, through which they try to escape from the constraints of the tangible.
Cut off from the crowd, they trace an empty circle. Their trajectories oscillate between harmony and chaos, in a ritual that leaves nothing to chance. Their bodies are ephemeral, precise, organic. It is a sacred ritual, a hymn
Time 15min
Music Composition/Performance by Yoo Tae-sun
Cast Ku Eunhye, Kang Subin, Son Eungyo, Lee Sihyeon, Im Eunjeong, Kim Gwanji, Lee Jeongho, Kim Hyeonho, Son Jeongmin, Kim Jongwoo
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