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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

Brave Gull


Company Lee Tae Sang Dance Project
Performance Gull
Choreographer Lee Jong Yoon
Choreographer The 32th KBS Busan Dance Contest General Dance Contest(Awards)
23rd Daegu Newcomer Dance Contest General Dance Contemporary Dance (Bronze)
The 20th New Wave Dance Artist Exhibition (Male Acting Award)
Company Lee Tae Sang Dance Project is a group of dancers who are actively active in various fields, mainly Choreographer Lee Tae Sang. It was established to popularize the dance performances that can be enjoyed by more and more audiences by spreading Korean modern dance to domestic and overseas stage through active creative activities by looking for a new movement of modern dance. Since his debut in 1997, 'The Flow of the Moon'. Choreographer Lee Tae - Sang presents works based on his own unique sophistication and solid narrative flow.
Performance There are many adversities and trials for everyone to spread their wings. But behind that pain comes the time to fly. In order to fly higher and higher than anyone else, we have to be patient and patience.
We talk about human life by comparing the patience and waiting of human adversity to the bird called 'sea gull'.
Time 8min
Music Depapepe – Ravel (Bolelo) Guitar ver.

Lee Jong Yoon, Byun Ye Jin, Lee Jung Eun, Kim Bo Yeon, Gwon Min Jeong, Jeon Hye Ji, Lee Hyun Gyung, Jang Hye Jin, Kim Jae Hui, Kim Hyun Jin, Kim Hye Ran, Cho Young Joo, Park Ji Yeon, Han Eun Ji

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