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JinJu Kummu(JinJu Sword Dance)


Company Busan Branch of Jinju Kummu(Sword-Dance) Preservation
Performance JinJu Kummu(JinJu Sword Dance)
Choreographer Song Im Sook
Choreographer A Chief of Busan Branch JinJu Kummu Preservation
A Director of Busan Branch Korea Dance Association
A Chief of Korea Traditional Dance Company·MAEK
A Chief of Song Dance Academy

JinJu Kummu Preservation is a group that inherits and preserves JinJu Kummu, which is the national intangible cultural property No. 12. Busan Branch is a part of the group that works around Busan Area.

Performance At the first time, JinJu Kummu was a royal dance, but later common people started to dance it. Eight people dances JinJu Kummu, wearing blue Korean skirts and jade green jacket, holding two swords. It was certificated as 12th National Intangible Cultural Asset, in 1967. Not only it has the longest history, but also it is evaluated as the most well-preserved dance among all the royal dances. It is famous for unique rhythm and structure of the performance.
Time 10min
Music Jinju Sword Dance Music

Song Seon Sook, Song Im Sook, Kwon Soo Jeong, No You Na, Choi Eun Jin, , Lee Jeonghee, Kang Soona

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