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Dongrae Gomoo (Drum Dance)


Company Cheonghwa Dance Preservation Society
Performance Dongrae Gomoo (Drum Dance)
Choreographer Kim on gyeong
Choreographer Performing Arts Holder of Dongrae Gomoo (Drum Dance), Intangible Cultural Asset No.10, Busan Metropolitan City
Former President, Busan Folk Art Preservation Association
Former President, Busan Metropolitan City Dance Association
Former Professor, Department of Dance at Silla University
Company This goal of Cheonghwa Dance Preservation Association is to preserve traditional dances of the Yeongnam region such as Dongrae Gomoo, Sanjo Dance (types of Kang Tae Hong), Dongnae Dance, Leper Masked Dance, Crane Dance, and Taegeuk Dance, and pass them on to future generations.
Performance Moogo is one of the folk music pieces performed by dancers who belonged to Gyobang-cheong (music education office) that then administered the court music in the early Goryeo Dynasty. The Moogo was later introduced and passed on to Gyobang (music school) in the village of Dongrae as a drum dance. It is now called Dongrae Gomoo (Drum Dance).
Time 15min
Music Yeombul(Buddhist Prayer Music), Taryeong, Heoteun Taryeong, Jajinmory

Kang miseon, Ha Hyenhwa, Jang Yunjeong, Kang Seongnye, I Hyeryeon, Kim Gyeongmi, Choe Aeran, Nam Sungzoo

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