The opening ceremony will be held on June 2, 2017 at 7 pm at the Haeundae beach special stage.



dance stage

The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!



Company Grand Ballet
Performance flight
Choreographer kim yeon hee
Choreographer Masters in Education from Kyungsung University Graduate School of Education.
Arts instructor at Korean Culture & Arts Education.
korea youth ballet Competition Gold medal.
KBS Busan Dance Competieion Silver medal.
Company The ballet, which started with a combination of dance and ballet majors from gyeongseong University, has been practicing art with a group of performers and visitors for 27 years as an act of performing arts and dancing. Looking at contemporary times, we continue to act as artists who look at contemporary times and as artists
Performance For someone, flight.
Another delinquency to someone else.
Time 5min
Music Minuet in G Major-Minor BWV Anh.114-115.-Takako Nishizaki
Ode To Oi-TJR
The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Tokens

kim yeon hee, kim su jin, kim hye won, lee hye in, joo da som.

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