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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

Alice in Wonderland


Company KyungHee Dance Theatre
Performance Alice in Wonderland
Choreographer Park jae hyun
Choreographer - Selected as the 14th Young Dancer of Critics Choice 2011
- Korean representative, Awarded Silver Medal (for the first time as a Korean) at the 3rd World Cultural Olympic Delphic Competition (hosted by UNESCO World)
- Grand Prize at The 18th Busan KBS Dance Festival
- Selected as a participant in the the 1st Choreographer Training Program organized by Arts Council Korea
- Awarded the Grand Prize (Choreography) and Choreography, Acting Award (Personal Award) at the 21st, 25th Busan Dance Festivals

The Gyeonghui Dance Theatre is based on the Busan Culture Sea, and
dreams of genre deconstruction with wishing the Earth to be healthy and happiness. We, the very suspicious looking characters, are gathered with warm people together as a team.

Performance Dear Alice
I see deeply pounded wiggling flesh and a knife gripped by a red hand. My body more disturbed than the cloudy object on the well-organized railway track is clearly staring at me. Alice ... is our name and password. No one can point to this world. Alice... Only we can talk about our world. This is probably a model of a very good masterpiece that shows the spatial essence of inference. It would be interesting to note that the stages of life that have to evolve rapidly across time hurt you more deeply than the flesh where the sampled patterns of ignorance run down. Alice... Alice... it is pain.
From Alice
Time 20min
Music Live music

Kim hyun jung / Heo joung won/ An hee kyung/ Kim si hyun/ Kim jung eun/ Park eun gi/ Heo sung jun/ Seo jeong ae/ Kim seung hwan/ Jung seung cheun/ Park jae hyun

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