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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

You Looking at Me


Company C2Dance
Performance You Looking at Me
Choreographer Kim Junghoon
Choreographer CEO of C2dance, member of Choi Sang Chul Hyundai Dance Company
2016 SCF Executive Chairperson Award. Seoul int'l Choreography Festival
2015 "B-code" Choreographer Award, the 9th Seoul Dance Collection
2011 1st Prize at the Tanzolymp International Dance Competition in Berlin.

C2dance Company (literally "See to Dance")
Looking at the Dance.
Major work: "The Room"

Performance Gaze of the other person or gaze of the other guy who thinks and acts in a different but united space... But I look at myself from the gaze of the other guy, not the gaze of the other person.
It is not a single fixed formula, but the shape and expression as it is. We say this, "You looking at me"...
Through the emotions, feelings, and gaze we feel, we tell the truth.
Time 20min
Music Track 1. satie: Gnossienne No.3
Track 2. Personally edited music

Kim Junghoon, Lee jimin, Bae gayeong, Jang dooik, Yoo Eunbi

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